Northstar’s Samantha Bond shortlisted for ESOMAR Award

Northstar’s Samantha Bond shortlisted for ESOMAR Award

20 August 2015

Northstar are delighted to announce that Samantha Bond has been shortlisted for ESOMAR’s Young Researcher of the Year Award.

The award offers young researchers the opportunity to develop their own innovative research solutions whilst looking at challenging global issues. This year the competition looked aimed to increase understanding across three areas – the talent gap, brands and generations. Samantha’s paper focuses on the growing culture of Millennial Entrepreneurs:

Entrepreneurship is the Millennial ambition. Record numbers of Millennials are starting their own business and governments around the world are accelerating this trend, supporting start-ups in the attempt to drive growth. So, the game is changing, but organisations do not appear willing to accept this reality. Businesses need to see that they are no longer competing against traditional corporate competitors – they are now competing against Millennials themselves. The severity of this issue is being acknowledged by the likes of global giants such as Deloitte and Unilever. Deloitte has set up a £25m start-up fund for employees, and Unilever has created ‘The Foundry’, to collaborate with start-ups and drive cultural transformation. Samantha hypothesized that Millennial Entrepreneurs (Founders) have become tired of waiting and are taking it upon themselves to make change happen. Being the most profound example of how Millennials approach the new world of business, Samantha set out to discover whether Millennial Entrepreneurs are creating a new work/life paradigm that better suits their vision of life, and, if so, how corporations can better tailor their structures to attract and engage top talent.

Samantha and the other two finalists will present their papers to an international audience at the ESOMAR Congress in Dublin, Ireland (27-30 September) where the winner will be selected based on the votes of a jury and the audience.

For more information, please contact Samantha Bond by email at or by phone at 0207 259 1772.

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